Sunday, March 01, 2009

a quick attempt

the gentle pitter-patter of little feet across the hallway,
mimicking the beat of my heart as i looked at her,
standing there at the door it was as if time waited for us,
to say all that we wanted to say,
all that needed to be said...

like a doting friend the moment lingered between us,
waiting for either one of us to take the first step,
make the first move...

her shoulder-length but full bodied hair danced to the melody of lovers meeting,
the thin white hairband like the trail of a single shooting star against an otherwise starless night which i made a wish,
a wish,
that the great divide which was the hallway from which i stood across her would disappear,
and we'd be standing face to face... nay, side by side,
where my hand may but ever so softly draw close to hers... barely touching,
That i may feel the warmth of her heart through that closeness but taint her not with the touch of my unworthy hands.

her eyes looked up and into mine...
and i felt like the earth gave way beneath me...
she saw all that i was and all that i desire to be and yet...
judged me not for what she saw but instead...

and then
the school bell rang.


a tribute to some of the entries i read from a few of my friends blogs who, to be honest, i feel are sometimes being 'emo'... perhaps... for emo's sake ;)

so i thought i'd give it a shot!

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