Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pushing daisies

Now, initially i have to admit that the whole concept took a bit of getting used to.
Sure, it' a very original idea and all but it falls more into the category of queer and peculiar rather than brilliant and genius.... almost 'foreign' and ya, really strectching it given the whole creative liberty and suspended disbelief thing.
But having said that, it starts to 'grow' on you.
And what initially induced a perhaps averse reaction (intellectually speaking) started making more 'sense'.
It's a comedy.
So if you're looking for some intense subplots and abstract references to philosophies and schools of thought... well, this isn't really the place.
However, the characters are rich, the emotional tone bold yet soft and the visuals are stunning with a luxurious use of colour and hues that even leave the 'colour-blind' in awe ;) What's more the special effects while not exactly the 'blow your mind' sort, still is very apt and tasteful in it's role and use.
Overall, i find the series pretty 'delicious'.
In fact, i'll be very surprised that if by the end of the season you're not craving for some pie of your own ;)

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