Sunday, March 29, 2009

overgrown children?

With all the recent thoughts and ruminations i have been having with regards to the whole issue of 'maturity'... it's ironic that i seem to be surrounded by 'immaturity' instead.

Sure, i've been dealing with my own issues with regards to this area and as such, have begun t0 put in a more 'intentional' effort in focusing and building on it...

But to be fair, the 'immaturity' i'm talking about here is very different.

It's not the kind that is in relation to the 'higher' virtues of spirituality and purpose and perhaps even philosophy, principles and ethics....

It's the elementary and rudimentary kind.
The kind that involves very basic things like respect and honour and courtesy.

And it's even more disgustingly apparent when the immaturity is set against the background of 'mature' physical age.

These are people who are in their 40s and 50s and yet behave like their from some nursery or some teenage convent (no offense to convert girls the world over)!


What's with all the bickering? Backbiting? Gossip? Two-tongued talk?
What's with all the facades? Lying? Over-valued ideas of self?

You want to wallow in your little puddle of self-importance... just don't pull me into it.
Go ahead and bathe in your overinflated pride and underestimated deficiencies... just don't think you can fool me with your pathetic pitiable persona.

The day will come, and sooner than you and i think, that we'll have to give an account for everything before Him.
Where nothing will be shrouded.
Nothing will be hidden.
No rock will be left unturned.

Be 'satisfied' while you can with yourself for in due time all shall be revealed.

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