Monday, March 09, 2009

an unconventional love story

Surprisingly thoughtful.
Right off the bat, you're faced with the sheer wit and raw intelligent humour that's quite the rarity these days when it comes to movies.

This one doesn't even need to try.

The dialogue is genius with little gems of anecdotes and neologisms that had me mulling over them way after the movie was over and left me smiling just at the reminiscence of their use.

Sure, the movie is not a moral compass in and of itself but it's beauty and depth lies in it's ability to challenge and explore our perhaps already 'set' principles and beliefs and maybe even shed some fresh light on some of the 'grey-er' aspects.

At the same time and refreshingly unlike other movies which try too hard to speak and stand for something deeper... this one infuses such a generous amount of warmth and sincere honest affection that your heart too is won over.

And to accomplish all that under the 'guise' of an unassuming teenage flick!


Yup, there'll definitely be that minority few who miss totally what this movie is about and seeks to invoke. In fact, i'd say out of the 10 persons who watch it, 2 may totally miss the point and therefore utterly fail to appreciate it's wondrous beauty.

At least that's my 'guesstimation' ;)


Deepa said...

haha. glad to know that you love this movie too (:

pitamos said...

Juno's O.S.T rocks! :)